Open Source illustration: Oxford Botanic Gardens

More open source illutrations, made with Inskcape, the open source vector drawing program.

Here are some drawings I made in the greenhouses at Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum, and some Inkscape illustrations made with them. When using open source software it makes sense to release the results freely too. Here are the drawings I used, in SVG format.

Makespace Oxford launch party

Makespace Oxford is a new affordable working & making space in North Oxford. We threw a fun launch party and open studios event in July 2018 to welcome local people in and celebrate the official opening.

Solva Seaweed: Open Source Art Means Nothing is Ever Done

This is a new set of visual compositions inspired by watching drifting clumps of seaweed in Solva harbour. Multiple iterations and re-uses are possible.

Babbacombe Cliff: Sun, Séances and Queer History by the Sea

Babbacombe Cliff Brochure Cover

For all my adult life, a half-rememberd building has haunted my memory. An old hotel, nestled in wooded cliffs above the sea. A hotel as they used to be, with tobacco smoke drifting from the snug in the entrance hall and the smell of tomato juice in the deep red Victorian carpets. A wooden cabinet behind the desk with its rows of keys, then a narrow staircase leading up to a corridor, and the Oscar Wilde Suite.

Beautiful Dutch Books

Beautiful old Dutch book in Rotterdam Spotted in the book market in Rotterdam.

5 reasons why '50 Shades' is actually a feminist masterpiece

You might have Fifty Shades of Grey chalked up as a sexist, badly-written, pathologising, heteronormative piece of gibberish. And you'd be right. However, should you feel like "doing a Zizek" on this bit of cultural inanity and justifying to your feminist mates why you should waste precious hours of your life reading/watching this nonsense, here are some ideas...

Relearn Summer School Sketches @Variable, Brussels

relearn 2014 sketchOn my way back from Amsterdam yesterday I paid a quick hello visit to the lovely, lovely people at Variable FLOSS Arts Lab, where the Relearn 2014 summer school is going on.

Sketchbook Journal: Zomer in Rotterdam + Amsterdam

summer sketchbook Rotterdam Amsterdam I've just returned from a blissful week in the dazzling sun of NL. I visited the high-security underground base of the Erasmus Bridge, the Over het Ij theatre festival, a vegan bistro in a disused train carriage, and chilled out on a lot of balconies. Here is my sketchbook journal of the trip.

From Rotterdam to Pyschotherapy to Bletchley Park and Back: Some Personal Reflections

Enigma machine

This bank holiday weekend I did something I've wanted to do for years: I accompanied my 91 year old grandma on a visit to Bletchley Park, home of Alan Turing and the WWII codebreakers. Now that I'm sitting with Ciderpunx, who following our visit has made a Haskell morse code generator, I've been inspired to reflect on this cryptographic excursion myself...

We Made Interactive Bad Sex Media Bingo

If you haven't seen Bad Sex Media Bingo yet, you should check it out. Play along to your favourite TV shows: Orgasm as the goal of all sex? Check! Dodgy stats and pseudoscience? Check! Kinkphobia, bi-invisibility, sex toy product placement and celebrity 'experts'? Check, check, check!

When I got home, it seemed rude not to make an interactive web version of the scorecard with bright pink icons and spinning jQuery effects. So, now you can play along online at


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